The Guesthouse is set in countryside surroundings and newly laid out gardens. In the distance, behind the Guesthouse, is a small bit of forest and a frog pool created to offer shelter to some of the wildlife in the area. Herons can be seen visiting the pool in early morning and rabbits are playing at the edge of the small forest.

Het Groene Woud (the green forest) some minutes away by bicycle is a nature area under development. In 2005 an eco-duct was constructed just on the edge of Best linking nature designated areas on either side of the motorway (A2) which runs past Best.

Rent a bicycle and try some of the many biking routes dotted in the surrounding country side. For example, go round the Bobbenagel route to follow and sometimes cross the river Dommel. In summer visit the open air swimming pool or the beaches of the manmade lake Aqua Best, where you can also practice some waterskiing.

And when you want to eat out, just wander over to the main street in Best (10 minutes on foot) and wine and dine in one of the many restaurants and bars at hand. From Chinese to burger place from dress-up restaurant to eating-café, there is enough choice to suit every mood. Then there are the typical Dutch brown cafés and the more modern ones where the young and young- at-heart hang out.

From Best the train will take you to the centre of Eindhoven in no more than 2 stops and 10 minutes. If you want to travel a bit further you can also take the train in the other direction to ‘s Hertogenbosch a city with a more historic centre.